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To keep our city clean and healthy, you should look for recycling in San Jose for all your automotive debris. Car Batteries Car batteries contain a slew of poisonous substances, including lead and mercury. But avoiding such contamination means doing our part to keep old car batteries out of the landfill. All automotive fluids contain substances that are toxic to people, animals, and the environment. When tires end up in a landfill rather than being recycled, they can wreak havoc on landfill infrastructure. Over time, instead of compressing and decomposing, methane gas builds up inside a tire until it bursts, causing damage and releasing toxic gas into the air.

Tires should always be handed off to the pros for disposal. Your home is your castle, and your castle should look exactly the way you want it to. Much of it can be reused or recycled, saving valuable landfill space for the stuff that really belongs there. Check the recycling guide below for the best options in San Jose.

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Manufacturing asphalt shingles uses up plenty of oil and other natural resources which should be conserved whenever possible. There are many options for recycling shingles in San Jose that should be considered above the landfill. To lessen this environmental impact, we should recycle scrap metal whenever possible. In fact, throughout the country, electronic waste is now the fastest growing waste category, taking up ever more landfill space and posing ever greater danger to people and the environment.

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E-waste of all kinds contains lead, mercury and other toxic substances that are not only poisonous to plants and animals but are known to cause serious medical issues from cancer to brain damage. Below, you'll find e-waste recycling in San Jose for all your most common devices. Refrigerant is also very toxic to water and soil, making it essential that we let professionals in refrigerant reclamation handle refrigerator disposal.

You deal with the items in this category more than anything else on this list, making it easy to overlook alternatives to the landfill. But the odds-and-ends that fill our junk drawers and cover our closet floors? Use our recycling guide to find the ones that work for you. Mattresses Mattresses take up an enormous amount of landfill space because the springs or foam they contain prevent them from compressing. In fact, just a single twin-size mattress can eat up 23 cubic feet of real estate. Donating old clothing and bedding rather than tossing it in the trash is not only good for the environment but good for your fellow man.

Unused food can be donated to help your neighbors in need, rather than thoughtlessly thrown out. Both options help us toward our Zero Waste goal while benefitting the community in many ways. Note that most of these sites will not accept hazardous waste. As San Jose gets serious about achieving our Zero Waste goal, businesses are going to be key factors in whether or not we succeed. Plenty of companies talk a big game about incorporating more eco-friendly business practices, but not all really follow through. The following businesses, though, are doing everything right to pave the way for a cleaner and more sustainable San Jose.

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