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During Season Five, Dean and Sam both work to return Lucifer to his prison , and eventually discover that this can be achieved using the rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse , and with Sam's consent to be Lucifer's vessel. They are able to obtain three of the rings by force, but the fourth ring requires a different arrangement.

Death takes the scythe from Dean without effort, then invites him to sit down to pizza. Death offers to give Dean his ring, but only if Dean agrees to let Sam sacrifice himself to re-imprison Lucifer. Dean reluctantly agrees, and Death gives him the ring. Dean makes a second deal with Death in season six, after Sam's body has been returned to Earth without his soul. Dean believes correctly that Death could return Sam's soul. He goes to a disreputable doctor in 6.

During his near-death experience, Dean tries to bargain with Death to return both of his brothers from Lucifer's Cage. Death says he will return Sam's soul if Dean agrees to wear his ring and act as Death for 24 hours. He cannot under any circumstances remove the ring. Dean agrees, and is resuscitated. He puts on the ring and is escorted on his rounds by Tessa , but he refuses to carry out all of the duties he is given and disaster results. Dean takes the ring off to prevent further tragedy, and loses the deal. However, Death returns and is pleased that Dean has learned a lesson about natural order.

He agrees to return Sam's soul, because he wants them to continue to investigate the strange soul-related events that are happening. Dean is the one to make the deal and Crowley ultimately follows through on it despite his own deal with Dick Roman , allowing Dean to kill Dick with the aid of Castiel. Benny saves him from another vampire and reveals that he knows a way out of Purgatory that only humans can use, apparently created as a safeguard by God in case a human got trapped in Purgatory.

With no other choice, Dean reluctantly agrees on the condition that they find Castiel and take him out too. While Castiel doesn't make it out with him, Dean succeeds in escaping and keeps up his end of the deal by carrying Benny's soul out in his arm and then to Benny's grave in Louisiana, where he performs a spell that resurrects Benny. Meeting in the remains of Bobby's scrapyard, Crowley demands to make the deal with Sam as he is doing the trials, but Dean demands to examine the contract first. Dean uses this as an excuse to get close to Crowley and get him in handcuffs tying him to Dean with a devil's trap on the cuffs binding Crowley's powers and trapping him.

Dean reveals that the deal was actually a trick to capture Crowley so they could use him for the third trial. As part of the deal, Gadreel will remain secretly in the background and allow Sam to be in control while erasing his memory of the truth so he won't reject Gadreel. Once Sam is healed, Gadreel will leave Sam for a new vessel.

For a while, Gadreel keeps his end of the deal, only coming out when Sam was in danger or Dean needed his help, but he eventually breaks his word to work as Metatron 's lieutenant in restoring Heaven. Ultimately, Gadreel is expelled by Sam after he learns the truth. Despite their best efforts in expelling Gadreel, they initially fail, but Crowley eventually succeeds by briefly possessing Sam and making him aware of the situation, allowing him to expel the angel which he does in exchange for his full freedom.

Afterwards, Dean keeps up his end of the deal and lets Crowley go, but warns that if they meet again, he will kill him. Sam has twice been the subject of deals made by his brother Dean. He is resurrected by Dean's deal in 2. Part Two , and re-ensouled by Dean's deal in 6. Sam has attempted to make his own deals, beginning in 3. In this episode he threatens a crossroads demon with the Colt , offering to let her live if she will release Dean.

She says that she cannot, and will not cooperate, so Sam kills her. After Dean's death, Sam tries to make his own deal to change places with Dean, but the crossroads demon he summons refuses to make a deal. Sam kills him too, as implied in 4. After Dean returns from Hell , Sam feels increasingly that it is up to him to set things right and stop Lilith from freeing Lucifer.

Sam says he will agree, but tries to kill Lilith instead. He later comments that he never believed that Lilith would adhere to any deal they made, speculating that she would have found some loophole allowing her to continue to hunt them. Their confrontation is interrupted by the arrival of the prophet Chuck and the interference of his archangel.

After the release of Lucifer and the exhaustion of avenues to defeat him, Sam makes a deal with Lucifer to serve as his vessel: If Sam could resist him, then he would jump into his Cage, but if Lucifer won then he could use Sam as his vessel to fight Michael at Stull Cemetery. Sam eventually wins out, and re-imprisons Lucifer. Sam is offered another deal by the Leprechaun in 6. His soul is trapped in Lucifer's Cage, and the Leprechaun offers to return it if Sam will agree not to banish the fairies who are wreaking havoc.

Sam refuses the deal, telling Dean later that he did it because deals have never turned out well. Sam summons the angel Balthazar in 6. He agrees to be in the angel's debt when Balthazar gives him a spell. Dean prevents Sam from completing the spell, and his soul is returned. Balthazar never calls in the debt before he is killed by Castiel , which clears the debt. Ajay agrees to transport Sam if the Winchesters will do a favor for him at a future time. Instead of transporting Sam directly to Hell, Ajay brings him to Purgatory , where there is a portal that acts as a backdoor so he can sneak in on his own, and tells him to meet him at the exact spot he dropped him off at in exactly 24 hours.

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Unfortunately, Crowley kills Ajay, preventing him from picking up Sam and Bobby Singer so Sam ends up having to find another way out of Purgatory with Benny 's help. The deal is that in exchange for Crowley stopping, Sam and Dean will stop the Trials and trade the demon tablet for the angel tablet rather than just give Crowley the demon tablet as he wants. The three meet at the remains of Bobby's scrapyard and Sam shows the demon tablet while Crowley shows the angel tablet.

Crowley has a long contract that he wants Sam to sign as he is the one doing the trials, but Dean examines it first to make sure there are no loopholes in it. Dean eventually tells Sam its good to sign, but then slaps handcuffs on Crowley that connect him to Dean. The handcuffs have a devil's trap painted on them, allowing them to capture Crowley and Sam and Dean reveal that the deal was actually a trap so they could use Crowley for the third trial.

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Though reluctant, Sam agrees and prepares a Goblet of Blood which Crowley insists be created using Kevin's blood instead of Sam's. Though angered by the revelation that Abaddon is transforming Hell and going back on all the deals he has ever made, Crowley keeps his end of the deal, saying he always does, and translates the text, informing Sam and Kevin that Metatron 's spell is irreversible.

In Rowena agrees to save Dean if Sam will kill Crowley for her, which he agrees to. Later, Sam chains Rowena up until she can save Dean, telling her that he will still keep up his end of the deal, but he is just making sure she won't use the book for anything else. Bobby is furious when he discovers that Dean made a deal to bring Sam back in 2. You stupid ass! What did you do?

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What did you do?! You made a deal For Sam, didn't you? How long did they give you? How long?! One year. Damn it, Dean. Which is why we gotta find this yellow-eyed son of a bitch. That's why I'm gonna kill him myself. I got nothing to lose now, right? I could throttle you! And send me downstairs ahead of schedule? What is it with you Winchesters, huh? You, your dad. You're both just itching to throw yourselves down the pit.

That's my point. Dad brought me back, Bobby. I'm not even supposed to be here. At least this way, something good could come out of it, you know? It's like my life could mean something. And it didn't before?! Have you got that low of an opinion of yourself? Are you that screwed in the head?! I couldn't let him die, Bobby. I couldn't.

He's my brother. How'd you feel when you knew your dad went for you? In spite of his insistence that deals are a terrible idea, Bobby ends up making one himself. During 5. Crowley promises to give the soul back as soon as the deal is complete. Bobby is hesitant, but agrees. Crowley also arranges for Bobby, who was paralyzed months earlier, to regain the use of his legs.

However, while Crowley is willing to help Bobby and the Winchesters to stop Lucifer , he is not willing to return Bobby's soul after they succeed. The demon tells him he has ten years to live, and departs. During the next year, Bobby tries to find a way out of his deal. He tortures another crossroads demon to find out Crowley's human name, and with Rufus Turner 's help manages to make contact with the ghost of Crowley's son, Gavin MacLeod.

The spirit tells Bobby where his father's grave is. Bobby summons Crowley, and with Sam and Dean threatening to burn the demon's bones and thereby destroy him, Crowley gives up the claim on Bobby's soul. Bobby reminds him to "leave in" the part about Bobby's legs. Despite Crowley breaking the deal, he sill uses his influence over rogue reaper Ajay to have Bobby's soul taken to Hell before Sam and Dean rescue it and send it to Heaven.

Samuel is killed by Azazel in as part of securing Mary's deal in 4. Sometime after the re-imprisonment of Lucifer, Samuel is pulled down from Heaven by Crowley. At some point following his return to earth, Samuel makes a deal with Crowley to bring Mary Winchester back to life in exchange for assistance in locating Purgatory.

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He eventually betrays them in 6. Crowley 's faked death left the status of Samuel's deal unknown, and Samuel's subsequent demise makes further action even less likely. A number of other characters on Supernatural have either made, or attempted to make, deals. At 14, Bela is approached by a Crossroads demon inhabiting another child, as shown in a flashback in 3. The demon offers to take care of her abusive father if Bela agrees to sell her soul, to be collected in ten years. Bela makes the deal, and her parents die in a car wreck resulting from a cut brake line.

Bela becomes a purveyor of mystical objects. She steals the Colt from Sam and Dean, and tries to barter it for a release from her deal. The demon holding her contract wants more, however: Bela must kill the Winchesters. She breaks into their hotel room and shoots through the sheets on their beds. But the brothers are already gone, and have left dolls in their places. Bela's contract comes due, and it is implied that hellhounds kill her.

As a human, Crowley's name was Fergus MacLeod. He was a tailor living in Scotland, and one day made a deal with a demon "in exchange for an extra three inches below the belt" i. After his death, Fergus went to Hell and was transformed into a demon who took the name Crowley.

Evan Hudson was approached by a crossroads demon at Lloyd's Bar. He sold his soul to heal his wife's cancer. Ten years later, when his contract comes due, Sam and Dean are investigating related deaths in his area. Evan knows his demise is approaching, as he has been hearing the hellhounds bark.

Sam and Dean come to his house after his wife leaves. Sam stays with Evan in a ring of Goofer dust while Dean goes to a crossroads and negotiates for Evan's release. Evan is freed from his deal. George Darrow summoned a crossroads demon outside Lloyd's bar. He was an artist who sold his soul for talent. When Sam and Dean encounter him ten years later, he has blocked the entrance to his apartment with a line of Goofer dust so that he can finish the last of his work. While he did acquire talent, he has not been successful as an artist.

After he summoned the demon, it stayed at Lloyd's making other deals. George feels guilty for exposing others to the demon and accepts his fate as punishment, and refuses the Winchesters' aid. Pendleton is in charge of a large bank that has made serious financial errors. In order to obtain a bailout for his bank, Pendleton sells his soul to Crowley , who gives him ten years, in 5. In Mississippi in , Robert sells his soul to a crossroads demon to become "the best blues man ever lived.

He runs from the club and barricades himself in a house. When his friends break in, Robert is lying on the ground, talking about black dogs. This architect made a deal with the demon summoned by George Darrow. He began to design impressive structures that gained him success and professional recognition. He died in a fall from the top of a building ten years after his deal was made. Sam and Dean speculate that he jumped to escape hellhounds.

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Pearlman sold her soul to the demon summoned by George Darrow. During her ten years of prosperity, Dr. Pearlman became the chief of surgery at her hospital. As the end of the ten years approached, she began to see hellhounds. She goes into hiding at a hotel, but is eventually found and killed. They use incantations and rituals to gain prosperity for themselves and their families.

One of them won a series of craft fairs and another's husband was promoted. In the course of working their magic, they pledge their souls to demons in exchange for power.

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That they did not believe in demons or the deals they made did not make the deals any less real. One member of the coven, Tammi , is actually the demon to whom their souls are owed. All the members of the coven are killed, and presumably sent to Hell. Ruby was a witch during medieval times who also sold her soul to the demon called Tammi.

She went to Hell upon her death and became a demon. Crowley made a deal with the angel Castiel to find Purgatory and share all of the souls there so they each would possess a lot more power and could secure their respective positions in Heaven and Hell. As a "down payment" to help Castiel in the now, Crowley offered 50, souls from Hell to aid in fighting Raphael. Castiel agreed and the two spent the next year working on finding a way to open Purgatory, with Castiel betraying Sam and Dean to do so.

Eventually they find a way to open Purgatory, but Castiel betrays Crowley with the intention of taking all the souls for himself. Crowley then makes the same deal with Raphael, but Castiel pretends to give them the blood they need, betrays them both, and performs the ritual for himself, getting all of the souls. Castiel is then able to solidify his position by killing Raphael. He eventually returns the souls, but not before the Leviathans escape. The crossroads demon Guy began making deals with people and then having his minion Jackson kill them in "accidents" so that he could collect their souls early and gain power for himself.

In at least one case, Guy marketed himself as a witch, rather than a demon, and gave a preview of his powers to entice customers. However, when Guy tried to make a deal with Becky, who used a temporary love potion from Guy to marry to Sam, she realizes that he is a demon and turns on him, trapping him in a devil's trap to try to force him to break the deals. He refuses and has Jackson free him, but Becky kills Jackson in the fight that follows. Crowley arrives, and offers the Winchesters a deal: Crowley follows through and Guy is taken to be punished for cheating in his deals.

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